Monday, 18 July 2011

Resistance to Writing

Do you know the feeling of having an idea for a story you want to write, planning it for a few days where everything seems to be coming together and then, when actually sitting down to write it, it’s not happening at all? The story is as flat as the screen, the words don’t gel and become something more than mere words?

This is what happened to me with my Summer Novel. I’ve not written a word for it for a week now. Every time I look at the file I feel paralyzed, overcome with resistance to writing. So I don’t write. That, in turn, makes me feel even worse.

That’s where the old Borg motto comes in: Resistance is futile. I’d better repeat it three times every time the resistance threatens to paralyze me. And then I have to follow through. No matter how much I want to resist it, I have to write anyway. Write despite the feeling of resistance, write in the face of it, write through it.

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